Spinach Panini

Spinach and Red Pepper Panini

Spinach and Red Pepper Panini 12 ounces (2 bags) baby spinach 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 garlic cloves, minced Salt, preferably kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 1 large or 2 smaller roasted sweet red peppers, sliced 1/4 pound mozzarella, grated 8 slices whole grain country bread 1. Bring a large pot of generously salted water … Read more

spinach story

It’s National Spinach Day!

Today is National Spinach Day. An annual plant, spinach is native to central and southwestern Asia. Thought to have originated in ancient Persia, Arab traders carried spinach into India, and then it was introduced into ancient China where it was known as “Persian vegetable”. The earliest available record of the spinach plant was recorded in … Read more

brass kube chair


This week on Funky Finds Friday, I am loving on this Brass Kube Chair with tufted seats and brass U-leg frame from With its clean geometric line, this occasional chair is striking and functional!.    


Valentine’s Day gifts: Friendships and Home

Valentine’s Day gifts: Friendships and Home With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some of you may find yourself in that annual bind where you haven’t gotten anything for anyone. So, while many of you have some relatively solid ideas as to what you’ll get for your significant other from sites like, you may … Read more

Fall mod interiors


Welcome Fall The equinox brings autumn today September 22, at 3:44 P.M. CDT. This means the days grow shorter, the nights longer, and the temperature begins to drop. I love this time of year, my soul comes alive in the fall. I love the rich colors of the falling leaves. The crisp fresh air and … Read more

Paxton bedroom

10 Easy Tips For Bedded Bliss!

10 Easy Tips For Bedded Bliss! Many moons ago when I discovered down comforters, I became a big fan right off the bat. One of the first things I discovered is how easy it is to make the bed. Just fluff and smooth and you’re done. Secondly, I learned how simple and inexpensive it could … Read more

staging transparent

MOD Staging

MOD Interiors Home Staging Services Known Facts 83% of staged homes sell for asking or above, compared to homes that aren’t staged at all. Staged homes usually spend fewer days on the market. Even if your home is already on the market longer than expected, we can stage your home to sell it more quickly … Read more



Welcome to eDesignBox Our eDesignBox service is a personalized and affordable way to get the designer look you want without the high cost of a full-service designer. Clients achieve their personal design goals as they work interactively with our professional designer through design assessments, photos and measurements, ultimately creating an amazing custom space


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