How We Work

Whether you're looking for someone who just does kitchen renovations or wants to redesign your whole house, we understand that remodeling or redesigning your home is no small task, it requires clarity of your end goal, and a good team working alongside you that understands your goals and knows how to get you to the finish line. We have a tried and true process that will help you complete your project as smoothly as possible.

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  • 1 Schedule a 20-minute discovery call to discuss your project, the challenges you are facing, and ensure we are a good fit to work together.
  • 2 If we both decide to move forward, you will schedule an in-home or virtual consultation where we will decide the best way to move through the project, based on your goals. This is a working consultation that typically lasts 1.5 hours and allows us to learn even more about you, the scope of the project, your vision, your priorities, and any time constraints.
  • 3 From there, we will send over our letter of agreement that includes the scope of work, fee structure, and what you can expect as we work on your project. Once you sign the agreement and make your initial payment, you will officially move into the design development stage of the process.
  • 4 The Design Development stage is where we create the master plan. This is our road map for creating your space, we will evaluate what is currently working, and provide samples and illustrations to help you visually understand the direction. The entire process usually takes around six to eight weeks.
  • 5 First step in the development stage is Trade Day. Trade day is where we Measure the space to be renovated/redesigned. Measure furniture, appliances artwork, and anything else that will remain in the space. We take extensive pictures and document architectural details. During this time we also invite all of the trades people that would be involved on the project to discuss the design plans and review structural changes that may need to happen and any restrictions we may need to work around.
  • 6 Conceptual Design, this is where the real fun starts! We develop the floor plans, lighting plans, elevations, 3D renderings, and design boards. We also make all the selections; furniture, fabric color palette, stone, flooring, tile, hardware, and any thing we may need for the project. This is the stage of the project where we carefully review your desire for the space and carefully curate the bright products for the project.
  • 7 Then comes the presentation, this is where we review the design with you and show you the plan and all the items we have specified for the project. Yes, the part you have been waiting for! We conduct an in home or video presentation where we share the floor plans, room concepts, along with all samples. We take you through each room and explain our rationale for our design decisions. We then discuss your feedback and any changes you may want to see.
  • 8 Based on your feedback we make any revisions - whether that's to the floor plans, furniture, or materials. Once completed we send over the revisions for your approval.
  • 9 Once all the quotes are received, we will meet with you to review the budget. Sometimes the scope or specifications need to be adjusted to meet budget requirements or timelines. Once the budget is approved a start the procurement stage.
  • 10 Purchase orders are approved, deposits are collected, and all items ordered. Our team ensures that deliveries are seamless, furniture is purchased, the schedule is on track and no detail is overlooked. By ordering items early in the process, we can mitigate delays caused by back orders or if an item has been discontinued. Because we know how important it is to keep a strong timeline, we do not break ground until everything is ordered. That way, our contractors can hit the ground running once we officially get started, with as little delays as possible.
  • 11 Throughout the design process, we manage the project with responsiveness. For renovation projects specifically, we will be in constant communication with our GC or team of trades to ensure that the design plan is being executed correctly and that trade work is satisfactory.
  • 12 Then the next step in the process is styling! Pulling it all together is our specialty! All work by trades has been completed, the furniture has been delivered, draperies have been installed, accessories placed, and art hung. This usually occurs in one day so we can present you with a final reveal. Styling is what truly elevates your space. A couple of weeks prior to installation, we source accessories such as throws, lamp, vases, etc. On installation day we place them just right, whether its placing that blanket just right on the sofa or bed, to creating the most comfortable reading corner. You'll have a day or two to decide which pieces you would like to keephouse
  • 13 On the same day of installation or the very next day, our photographer will come out to photograph your space.
  • 14 At the end of the project, we will walk through the space together, and compile a list of any outstanding items or tasks. We or the GC will arrange to have all these items taken care of quickly and efficiently.
  • 15 Once everything is completed to our mutual satisfaction the final invoice is issued the retainer returned.
  • 16 Once all of that is taken care of your project will be officially completed and you will receive your project binder. Leaving you to enjoy your newly designed space.

Every project is different and the time to complete each project can vary depending on a multiple factor including size of the space, complexity, and unforeseen factors beyond our control.

We do our best to work within the agreed schedule and budget constraints to complete your project in a timely manner. When challenges occur, we find resolutions quickly that are mutually agreeable.