6 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Canvas Prints

Decorating with art, Decorating your home, How to decorate, Home decorating, Affordable Interior Design, Colleyville interior designer

6 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Canvas PrintsDecorating your home, How to decorate, Home decorating, Affordable Interior Design, Colleyville interior designer

Decorating and styling your home can be fun! but it can also be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. One of the best ways to personalize your home décor quickly and inexpensively is by using a stress-free, customizable, and fun, product like canvas prints. Canvas prints are high-quality, easy to hang images and there is so much demand for them that you can find examples displaying almost any colour, image, or pattern you desire! They’re even easy to create yourself if you have a creative streak. Often, people mount them on their walls as they are, but there is also the option of Canvas Frames if you prefer a more finished look! Here are 6 reasons for and tips on using canvas prints to decorate your home:

Whether you’re looking for super vibrant acrylic prints or canvas prints, both can be fun and fit anywhere in your home! No more searching for years for something to fit in a tiny spot or be a central piece for a large statement wall, they can be ordered in many sizes, making it easy to get the perfect piece. Canvas prints can also be customized with famous art prints, modern art, your own art/photographs, or almost anything you choose!

One of the most tedious parts about decorating is finding art that you love and that works well in your home, but with Canvas Prints, you can get everyone involved in picking out art they like, and then can order with ease!

In addition to canvas prints being fun to order and easy to customize, they are also easy to hang. Your print will arrive with gallery quality edges that doesn’t require the added expense of purchasing a frame, as well as the hassle of finding the perfect one? Plus, they’re so lightweight, making it easy to move art around if you want to do a quick refresh or if you’re not sure where a piece should go, making it easy when you are ready to clean and using clean your baseboards using a canister vacuum / Bissel or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Canvas prints are affordable and FUN! Art can quickly become too expensive if you’re on a budget, especially when frames, hanging equipment, and maintenance are involved. With canvas art, you can free up your budget for multiple pieces, painting – the right paint color on a statement wall, which by the way, can really make a whole room pop! or for a fabulous new piece of furniture. The prints are high quality, no one will ever know how affordable your canvas prints are – unless you tell them!

Choosing art for your home, can be a project everyone in the family gets involved in! Decorating doesn’t have to be the responsibility of one person, your home should reflect everyone in it. Even if you live alone, it’s great to incorporate things like your dog’s paw-prints on a piece of canvas art or a photo of you and your best friend, for everyone to enjoy! For a family with kids, canvas prints are also perfect – kids can pick out or draw their chosen prints, and how much fun would a family night of picking out all the art for your house be, with everyone involved in the easy, and convenient ordering process.

One of the best things about using canvas art for decorating your home is that you don’t have to be a professional to choose, order, or hang your art, making it easier to DIY your redecorating!

Canvas prints are great for decorating. Everyone has their own unique style, but with customizable, high-quality, and affordable art, your home will be beautiful in no time!

Do you use Canvas art in your home decor?

Check Out these Canvas Art inspiration photos…

Decorating your home, How to decorate, Home decorating, Affordable Interior Design, Colleyville interior designer

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How to pack like a Pro | Tips on packing for a Trip

How to Pack like a ProHow To Pack Like A Pro

Any time we are traveling, my family always look to me to help them pack their luggage. They are always amazed at how much I am able to fit in their luggage and I always tell them packing is an art form and should not be handled by amateurs..hehehe. If you and your family are vacationing for spring break, I have some great tips on how to pack like a pro. I even had to help out a friend of mine pack for her holiday. I knew she wanted my help because we always talk about the time she needed the assistance of Cross Country Movers to transport her items safely to her new home. I remember on moving day, she called me round to help her finish with the last boxes. After this last minute situation, I know her only solution will be me when it comes to packing like a pro. What are friends for?

So if the sight of luggage sends you into a panic attack, fear not: I will share all my tried-and-true tips from how to pack your luggage to what to do before leaving your home. Don’t forget though that there are other things that you have to consider when you are going on holiday. For example, how you are going to get to and from a particular place. I have one friend who travels a lot and they use NetJets to help them with their travels. It would be pretty awesome to have something like that. It’s not just about how you travel there though, you want to find a location that you will actually enjoy spending your time in. There are loads of places out there in the world that you might be interested in visiting though. For example, you might decide that you like the idea of going to New Orleans, if this is the case, then the next logical step that you would take would be finding the perfect place for you to stay. This might mean that you stay in somewhere like this InterContinental New Orleans hotel, but there are loads that you could go to. When it comes to traveling there is so much that people have to think about, but for today I will mainly be talking about to pack like a pro.

How To PackHow To Pack Like A Pro

Pack Light

Let’s be honest, did you really wear everything you packed for that last trip you went on? I could imagine that most unused pieces ended up being space hoggers in your bag rather than your go-to outfits. Don’t let the “Why did I pack this?” question boggle your mind on this trip! Pack light and with a purpose, try to keep it down to one bag per person. Go with a lightweight bag, this can apply to the vacationer traveling by plane or automobile. Remember that before actually reaching your destination, wherever you go your bags go. The last thing you want is a struggle to fit all your bags in the car, or having to pay those hefty fees at the airport.. so practice the art of packing light.

Check the weather and local culture

This may seem obvious, but an often missed step. You want to know what type of clothes you’ll need, don’t guess. A google search or TripAdvisor search will help you figure out how the locals dress and the culture of your destination. You don’t want to be “that guy” that sticks out like a sore thumb, because you didn’t take a few minutes to do your research. Plus, if you have plans to visit any historical sites or religious landmarks then it is crucial that you are able to dress respectfully. A friend of mine is going on one of the many fantastic israel group tours later this year with her Church so she is packing plenty of clothes that are both appropriate and comfortable for exploring in. I hope she has an amazing time. There is so much to see and do in Israel, I would not know where to begin!

Plan wisely

Start with taking out everything you think you may want to bring, even if it seems excessive. Then gather your basics like; black and white tees, shorts, jeans, one LBD and a white collared shirt. Like a well designed room, good basics are the foundation of a versatile travel wardrobe. Next, Choose a colour palette for a few additional pieces. This will reduce your chances of having mismatched outfits. A long sleeved shirt, a few scarves, skirts, a pair of shorts, and jewelry in your chosen color are usually good options. You can choose to add an additional color, but make sure it compliments your current color selection. TIP: A maxi skirt is great for travelling in a neutral or your chosen color palette.

Pack Smart

The soles of your shoes can dirty your clothes and heels can cause serious damage, so pack each shoe separately in its own duster bag or an inexpensive plastic shower cap. Pack your shoes at the base of your luggage, place them heal to toe facing each other to maximize space. Next, tightly roll all your t-shirts, pajamas, belts and small articles and set aside. Now you are ready for the next layer of folded items.These simple trick will allow you to save space like -A Boss! and fit way more in your luggage

Fill the Gaps

Don’t overlook the nooks and gaps available in your luggage. Fill in the gaps around the shoes and folded items with the rolled-up items and things like belts,scarves, and socks. Your shoes are your allies! Just like the gaps in your luggage, your shoes can be filled with the same items. When packing lotions and creams seal them with some tape or drop them in ziploc bags before packing them; these too can be used to fill in those gaps.

Save the top for delicate’s

Once you have the base of your luggage packed, the next layer is for folded items, keep it thin and evenly stacked. The top to layer your delicate articles like like sequence, knit and tweed cover them with plastic from the cleaners to prevent snags. Leave the items that are prone to wrinkling on the hangers with plastic. Pack cluster of 2-4 at a time, depending on thickness, by folding the bottoms of the garments into the bag, alternating the sides of the suitcase the hangers end up on. Not only will this help to keep them flat and crease free during transport, it will be the first thing you see when you open your luggage; a great way to remind you to hang them up! TIP: Use razor thin Hangers.

Front pockets & Back pockets

Your bag is swelled up and ready for traveling! But what about those front and back pockets and what can possibly fit in there? Well, think flat – your flip flops, your bedroom slippers, and extra duffel bag for souvenirs, an extra jacket… you get the idea, anything thing that’s flat and unbreakable.

What To PackWhat to Pack For Your Vacation

Keep it Versatile

When packing for your trip start with classic versatile pieces like black/dark bottoms, a little black dress, and a classic/comfortable pair of black or neutral shoes. These pieces serve as the foundation to creating a variety of different outfits. You can then pack multiple tops that will coordinate, a classic blazer or pullover, fun scarves and lots of accessories to help you create different outfits that you can dress up or down without over stuffing your luggage. It’s a Win Win, you pack light, but still have a lots to play with, no extra charges at the airport and have plenty of room for souvenirs… so I guess that’s a Win Win Win Win!! haha


Make sure to pack neutrals that can be easily incorporate into any outfit. Neutrals can be the star or the supporting actors when planning an outfit! Whether you want to keep it simple by pairing them with your favorite jeans and comfy flats or feature a classic neutral bottom and complementing it with a fun top. The options are endless – as long as your pack those key neutrals.


Beat the cost of peaked hotel prices for toiletries and the hassle of hunting down the nearest pharmacy while on vacation by packing all the essentials. You want to make sure to include; your favorite floss, deodorant, allergy friendly soap/shampoo etc… Be sure to also pack a small 1st aid kit including cold medicines, allergy med/band aids /wipes.


A well packed carry-on can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. My motto is “Carry on the most important things” so anything you cannot live without. For example, your jewelry, chargers, important documents, extra underwear, laptop, and must-have medicine. In case your luggage gets lost or delayed, you don’t want to be stuck. I personally always pack one- two days worth of clothes, usually something lightweight like a pair of leggings and 2 tops and basic toiletries that are TSA approved.

Before You Leave…Before You Leave For Vacation

Tell a friend – It’s very easy to get carried away with excitement when packing and planning activities for your perfect trip and forget, the most important, steps needed prior to departure. Do you have a trusted person that can house sit or at least check on your home every other day? Giving a trusted neighbor, friend or family member access to your home while on vacation is vital. This will give you peace of mind and deter crime while you are away. Create a folder with all essential information in the one place and easy to find? Include your contact information, alarm codes, explain what you want done with your mail, and newspapers (if applicable). Under the principle “it’s best to have them and not need them,” you might like to include the phone numbers for Fire, Police and Ambulance services. Also leave your local Vet and Doctor’s addresses and phone numbers if they are looking after your pets.

Social Media Safety! – I know, I know – you just can’t wait to post that selfie you just took at the airport, on your instagram and facebook page. I mean come on, you might be thinking, you have that awesome new hat and rocking shades you bought just for this trip! But trust me, the last thing you want to happen is mark your home with a bright neon sign that says – HEY! MY HOME IS EMPTY, because of a picture you post on social media. If you really can’t resist the urge, try to minimize specific, like when your leaving and how long you will be gone, on your posts. Don’t tag people you are traveling with and choose NOT to check in to your locations. The idea is to be as discreet as possible, so that you can be stress free while away!

Energy Smart – Set your thermostat to a lower temperature to conserve energy or turn it off completely if the weather outside is just right. Do a quick sweep check of all the living areas and rooms making sure that all light switches and fans are off. Check inside of closets for light switches. Unplugging medium appliances like the toaster, coffee maker and even some lamps can help conserve energy. Making sure to follow a few of these simple steps will result in a even happier traveler when returning home.

Prevent the Odors! – “Ahhh home sweet home… ewww what is that smell?” If that’s never happened to you before, consider yourself lucky! You don’t want to come back from a trip having to say those words. So make sure to clean the fridge and cupboards for perishables a few days before departing for your trip. Empty all garbage from offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. Clean out your kitchen garbage and drop a dryer sheet in it to prevent that damp smell. Be sure to tidy up your home and yard before leaving, nothing says “welcome home” after a vacation like a clean house.

Don’t forget! – Do you have any bills that coincide with your traveling dates? Save yourself the hassle and interruptions of having to pay your bills while on vacation and schedule them before you go. If you can’t schedule them online, pay them ahead of time! I am sure the company will be thrilled!

What next?

Peace of mind! That’s what’s next. Now that you have conquered the art of packing and prepared by leaving your home vacation ready. Now it’s time to unplug, enjoy your family and make some memorable memories during this spring break vacation.


Creatively yours,




There are basically three ways you can arrange furniture on a rug:

How-to arrange your furniture, in master bedroom seating area with rug and leather chair


So, you’ve just bought a beautiful new contemporary rug and you’re currently deciding where to put it. Once you’ve decided which room you want it to go in, the next decision is how to arrange furniture on top of the rug. When working with a small room, keep all legs off the rug, but make sure they are close enough to look like they could touch.

Design tips on How-to arrange your furniture, in traditional seating room with purple and green love seat throw pillows and textured throw in Grapevine, tx


Create a more luxurious feel, use a rug large enough to place all of the furniture on top of it. Leave around 18 inches of floor all around the rugs border.

Master bedroom seating area, with tan color walls, textured rug and brown leather furniture


Put the front feet of all your pieces on the rug to tie the arrangement together visually and create a well-defined space. Don’t pick a rug that is too small, or it may look like an afterthought.

Design tips on How-to arrange your furniture, living room furniture with white slip cover furniture and yellow accents in Colleyville, tx

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How to Host a Fabulous Easter Dinner


How to Host a Fabulous Easter Dinner

Are you having family over for Easter this year and looking for ideas and tips on how to host a fabulous Easter dinner for your friends and family? Here is how to host a fabulous Easter dinner.

I love to entertain, be around people and making them laugh. I am my best when surrounded by family, friends and even strangers. I remember as a kid I use to always get in trouble for talking too much; signs of a professional butterfly in the making. Sometimes it even came to the point where my mom would have to show me videos for kids to stop me from talking and distracting everyone at the party! I was always finding a way to insert myself in what my mom use to call: adult activities/conversations, when she hosted parties. Still today, my passion for entertaining and making people happy is alive and well. Though the responsibilities of running a business and taking care of family often take up more of my time, I always like to make time to entertain especially around holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Oh the joys of Hosting! Making the guest list, decorating, creating the menu, cooking, and adding the special touches that make guests feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door, is no easy task. Today I am going to share with you some tips to help you plan your party, look fabulous and have time to mingle with your guests. Easter comes early this year! March 27th to be exact. Don’t let the date daunt you, rather, let it inspire you to get planning!

There are plenty of details to attend to when hosting a dinner party, to make sure everything is just right. Here are my simple steps to make sure you cover all your bases and make entertaining effortless.


The key to effortless entertaining is organization. Having a solid plan to ensure success is vital. The first step is to answer the following questions to establish the basics.

WHEN: what is the date and time? Sending invitations for a traditional family Easter dinner is not necessary. By this I mean, if you host Easter dinner every year. A simple telephone call several weeks in advance is sufficient. If it is your first time I would recommend sending invites at least two months in advance so that people can plan accordingly.

WHO: who are the guests you want to invite? Be realistic about how many people you can accommodate in your space and start with the most important people to you whether family or friend. Easter dinner is all about being surround by people you love and cherish. Don’t invite because you feel obligated.

WHERE: what is the location? Evaluate your space — make sure your guest list doesn’t exceed the space and equipment you have. The average-size room can generally accommodate 30 people, a three-room expanse about 60. If you are doing buffet-style, you must provide seating. Consider doing it outdoors or renting a space if your home is not big enough to accommodate the number of guests you want.

WHAT: what is the occasion or theme? Why you are throwing the party will help you decide the date, time, location and guest list. A sit-down meal, you may have to buy or rent; dishes, flatware, glassware, linens, seating, and serving pieces. A buffet is a little more versatile and may be more tailored to fit your space or budget.

BUDGET: How much do you want to spend? Set Your Budget and stick to it! Consider liquor, food, rentals, service, music/entertainment, flowers, and decorations to establish your initial budget. Think drinks, alcohol can be a major expense. Don’t feel as though you need to be as well stocked as a bar or restaurant; consider serving a signature drink, and be creative with your food choices to limit costs. Some people want to pull off something special by hosting a large scale party and I’ve heard of IceCoolTrailers providing useful freezer services for alcohol so that is well worth looking into if you’re interested.

Once you’ve answered these questions, the structure for your party is now in place. Now use this information to figure out the details. The type of party will dictate what you need for equipment. Outside of that, be creative and tailor your dinner party to your personal style.


Best to get some things figured out early so you can stay on track:

  1. Customize the menu with appetizers and add-ons! This would be a good time to decide if you want to order items or hire a chef. You want to make sure to go ahead and schedule them immediately. Tip: Serve the first course family-style, by placing platters on the table for everyone to share. It gives you time to work on your next course.
  2. Make a List of everything you need. Be sure you have sufficient plateware, utensils, and napkins for everyone. Tablecloths for the tables, side tables, and bar. Don’t forget water and wine glasses. Depending on the number of guests you have you might want to invest in some chilling buckets to keep your fridge uncluttered.
  3. You don’t have to spend a fortune on any of the above items. you can score some cheap assorted plateware at places like Homegoods and choose to indulge in selected items with a trip to your favorite home décor shop.
  4. Take a good look at your home and decide what needs to freshened up. Pay close attentions to areas like your entry both outside and inside, this is what your guests will see first.
  5. Consider curb appeal: is the grass cut? do you need to add some spring flowers? does the front door need a touch up? do you need a new mat? have the gutters been cleaned? and is it well lit? Lots of potential problems, but all reasonably easy to solve. It’s probably sensible to find a gutter cleaning company (Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Durham for example) to clean your gutters for you, though.
  6. In your foyer; consider what it will look like to your guests. Create an area for coats and jackets if it is still cold in your area. Have a focal point and a surface where you can create a welcome bar area so every guest can get a drink once they arrive. This is also a great area to place a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers and a great smelling candle.
  7. It’s spring, take the opportunity to create a spring cleaning list and get that completed ASAP and don’t hesitate to hire a cleaning company or enlist the help of family members.


  1. Make a detailed shopping list and cooking schedule. Shop for beverages; a good rule of thumb is 3 bottles of wine for every four guests. Place an order with the local butcher, fish shop, baker, or liquor stores as needed. Nothing sets the mood for a dinner party like the soft glow of candles. Purchase unscented for the tables and scented for the bathroom and entry.
  2. Music will create the ambiance for your dinner, but doesn’t have to be complicated. For an Easter dinner, it is generally there for background support. Make your music list now and get it out of the way, you will thank me later. TIP: if you have a paid subscription to an ad free music streaming service like Spotify, they have great playlists to choose from, you may want to listen to a few before making your decision.
  3. Arrange the furniture as you’ll want it for the party, check for flow and remove clutter, and designate areas/tables for appetizers, coffee and dessert. Figure out the lighting: everyone looks better with light on their face. Put lamps on your buffet or server. Use low-wattage bulbs and candlelight. Do not use overhead lighting, a low-lit atmosphere is half the battle in creating ambiance.
  4. Decorate your home: bring out all your spring décor items and get decorating. Create fun springy vignettes throughout your home, don’t forget a nice wreath for the front door. A perfect Easter gathering starts with a well-dressed table, so finalize what your table will look like. You can find great advice for Setting up easter table online so that your decorations are tasteful and appealing for your guests. Consider the place settings and centerpiece; you are not only limited to using flowers, you can use seasonal fruits, or an interesting sculptural centerpiece instead. You want to make sure it’s the right scale and allows guests to see each other.
  5. If you are not having your food catered, prepare dishes or part of dishes that can be prepared a week ahead of time. The goal is to spread out the work to avoid getting tired or stressed.


  1. Flowers add a splash of color and elegance to your décor, purchase them as close to your parties date as possible so that they’re fresh (no more than 1-2 days prior). Set them where you want for the special day.
  2. You’ll want to tidy up the house the day before so you won’t have to stress on the day of your party.
  3. Create the seating plan: take into consideration who people are seated next to and set out place cards accordingly . Tip: Make sure place cards have first and last names, written legibly, on both sides, so guests know the names of people sitting opposite.
  4. Do as much of the cooking as possible. Do as much prep (dicing, marinating, rinsing lettuce, etc.) as possible for any foods that require cooking on party day.
  5. Set the table 1 day before and put out all your decorations and candles. Dress your table to compliment the Easter theme! Easter is a great time to break away from the formal china. To pay homage to new beginnings and springtime try using an all-white plates or white chargers with pastel plates. Throw in a few pastel porcelain Easter eggs as place markers and you’re set!


  1. Make sure the dishwasher is empty, this will make clean-up easier.
  2. Equip the powder room appropriately. Add pump soap, candle, and individual guest paper napkins in the powder room (prevents yucky overused guest towels). Tip: use white wash clothes rolled up in a pretty basket or tray and have a container clearly marked “used towels” for guest to toss them in. Roll these weeks in advance.
  3. Designate someone to greet guests. Make it clear they are to offer them a drink and make introductions to make each guest feel welcome.


  1. Light the candles and turn on the music. Music should be just loud enough so that people can to talk above it slightly.
  2. Uncork the wine, stock your welcome drink station, toss the salad and set out the appetizers. Try not to have everything ready when guests arrive, so that people can pitch in and help in the kitchen. It’s a great ice-breaker! Tip: these items are great to have early arrivers do for you.
  3. Make sure you eat something light. Have a stiff drink before anyone arrives. If you are having fun, everyone will have fun.
  4. Make yourself beautiful, change into your party clothes.

Easter is a great time to relax with friends and family and indulge in all that is delicious. A great hostess doesn’t have to do it all on her own, so be sure to enlist help from few family members and friends ahead of time. They can help with cleaning, setting up the buffet, or organize the drink station. If you are a busy professional like most of our clients, don’t hesitate to hire help; A chef to help you prepare the food. A bartender for the first few hours of you party to take care of the drinks. A designer to help you with the decorating and space planning. Your job the day of the party is to add the finishing touches, look fierce, mingle to keep your guests happy, and enjoy the party!

Remember lovelies, Easter is about Amazing Love, so honor one another and have yourselves a Happy Resurrection Day!

Creatively yours,



You didn’t think I would forgot about you, did you??

I know you want to look your best! And you should… so make sure to book yourself a facial and massage one week before your dinner, to relax and recover from all the hard work you have put in. You deserve it. If you didn’t know Easter is code for “Bring Your Best” when it comes to fashion. And as the host you are required to look stellar! (Add this to your ONE MONTH BEFORE list) Now, this does not mean you have to bring out your granny hat and your tea party gloves. Spring Fashion today is all about looking classy and sophisticated without giving up your Personal-Fabulous-Style. So don’t be afraid to stick to classic pieces and bring the color in your accessories like jewelry, shoes and bag. But if Easter fashion to you means a nod to bold colors and floral prints than go for it! The point is for you to be you and look fabulous doing it.

Here is some inspiration to bring out your inner fashionista…

Easter Fashion Inspiration

Easter Fashion Inspiration

If you find that you still need some help coming up with a design inspiration for your space,or just want to chat with an experienced interior designer in the Colleyville/Grapevine area to help you figure out your personal design style and create a stunning design for your home. Call MOD Interiors at 214.404.4000 or contact us.

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10 Tips to Decorate Your Home for Valentines

10 Tips to Decorate Your Home for Valentines

10 -tips-to-decorate-your-home-for-valentines-decorating ideas–modinteriorsonline.com–roses-red–décor tips–home décor–colleyville tx-BachelorPad-Living-Room-Red Throw Pillows-gray sofa-white chair

Is it really February already!

I can’t believe it, January came and went so quickly! I didn’t even have a chance to decorate for winter. Nonetheless, February is chock full of so many new inspirations for decorating our abode. I can smell the sweet aroma of chocolate and roses rising in the air, and seeing red all over… you know what that means… that’s right! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it brings with it the perfect time to add bright hues of red and touches of pink to all that white winter décor; if unlike me, you actually had an opportunity to bring out your warm and cozy winter accessories, then you are way ahead of the game. Oh well… maybe next year. On a brighter note, writing this article definitely cheered me up, it’s all about FABULOUS ideas to decorate your home for Valentines. I’ve got lots of tips to help decorate your home for Valentines Day.

If you are thinking to yourself right now, “are you kidding me, I wouldn’t even know where to begin!” Don’t you worry, I GOT YOU… We have put together our list of top 10 tips to decorate your home this February. A collection of classic, timeless tips for you to use as inspiration for your Valentine’s décor. With an array of styles and pops of red and pink, I am sure these looks will bring out the romance in any room.

1. Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are always a hit when it comes to accessorizing, due to their versatility, varying sizes and shapes. Grouping various apothecary jars filled with interesting items together is a fun and easy way to decorate a shelf, fireplace mantel or any surface in your home. Here you see them filled with pink & white gumballs and chocolate covered pretzels! A fun and whimsical way to sprinkle some valentine in any space.

Decorative Jars

2. A Framed Heart

Hanging a simple foam heart from an empty white frame can add a fun yet classic touch to your home for Valentine’s. Simplicity is never out of style! This idea is great for the front door, over your bed or hanging from a beautiful framed mirror in your entryway. Whether you prefer a classic solid, corky polka-dot or funky animal print, just have fun when it comes to choosing your ribbon, it’s a great way to add a little bit of your personality in your décor.

Valentines day decorating ideas–valentines day–decorating ideas–modinteriorsonline.com–red–décor tips–home décor–colleyville tx-foam heart-white frame-diy-valentines day crafts

3. Red Accents Bathroom

Don’t forget your bathrooms’ when adding the look of love to your home. The bathroom is a great place to introduce red accents like; a stack of folded towels, small red flower arrangement, stylish decorated boxes or a delicious smelling red candle. These simple additions will not only add a bit of romance to your bathroom, it will also make your guest feel really special.

Valentines day decorating ideas–valentines day–decorating ideas–modinteriorsonline.com–red–décor tips–home décor–colleyville tx-red bathroom-red towels-bathroom decor-red accents

4. Romantic Bathtub

Not a fan of flowers and hearts? Or even red for that matter, No worries, they do not have to be your go to on this love filled holiday, which ironically enough did not begin on a sweet note! (see how it all got started here). Add a touch of elegance and romance around your bathtub by bringing in varying sizes and heights of classic white pillar candles, accented with a few gold or silver candle holders to compliments the look. The glass votives will enhancing the illumination when the candles are lit. Perfect for the romantic master bath.

Valentines day decorating ideas

5. Blush Living Room

For those of you who prefers the softer feel of a pink, we didn’t forget about you. Nothing says classic and clean like, soft bushing pink accents sprinkled throughout a neutral room, like this living space. Notice how the color is featured throughout the space, even books with varying hues of pink be create great accents for Valentine’s Day. Check out a living room furniture sets clearance sale, you’ll find some great items at fantastic prices!

Valentines day decorating ideas

6. Bold Coffee Table

Love color? Then, this idea is for you! Make a bold statement in your living room on top of your Bazaar Velvet rug with a hot pink arrangement on your coffee table. Be sure to balance out the look by spreading a few choice pieces in the same tone around the room.

Bold Coffee Table

7. Rosebud Utensil Setting

Bring some of that romance over to your dining table. Nothing says romance like a beautiful table setting. A great way to tie in the romantic look to your table is to keep your silverware classic with a touch of red like picture below. This display will be sure to impress at your lunch or dinner party.

Rosebud utensil setting

8. Bachelor Love

Bachelors, don’t worry we did not forget about you. Add a couple of red throw pillows on your sofa and chairs, nice decorative red glass bowl to you coffee table and voila you are now a Super-Man to all the ladies…….oh yeah! But, seriously this is a super easy way to create a romantic atmosphere for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, you will rack up a ton of brownie points with this one

bachelor love

9. Red Accent Wall

Keep the romance going all year long by painting a Red accent wall in your bedroom! A bold red wall is a great backdrop for an all-white bedroom. Add lots of textures and varying shades of white to create a clean and timeless design that you will look forward to every night.

red accent wall

10. Red Bedding

An even easier option for adding a little bit of romance to your bedroom is to swap out your bedding to one with beautiful red tones to create a romantic yet classic look to your room. Adding fun textures, gold or silver pillows will add warmth and sparkle to your bed. A perfect combination for Valentines home decor.

red bedding

So there you have it, our 10 tips for decorating your home for Valentines.

Which of these would you use in your home in the name or love?

Leave a comment below and make sure to share these Valentine’s home décor tips with a friend or someone who would love these tips!

Creatively Yours,

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5 Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips

Centerpiece Pumpkin Fall Floral Fall Decoration

Preparing for Thanksgiving is stressful, not only do you want the food to be amazing but you want your home to be perfect as well. Looking around you can always discover the right designs for you home. Even companies similar to Bunny Cup Embroidery have some the most perfect Thanksgiving embroidery designs you need to see. We have come up with 5 Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips that will have your table looking like… well… MOD Interiors set it up personally for you. Follow these tips and you are sure to have a stunning table setting.

Centerpiece Pumpkin Fall Floral Fall Decoration Thanksgiving Table Setting MOD Interiors

Don’t be afraid to use your natural resources….. The most beautiful things in life come from nature.

The center piece can make or break a beautiful tablescape!!! This gorgeous eye catcher uses a blue pumpkin over filled with foliage, ivy, succulents, floral blooms and moss to create a organic mood.

Table Runner Lights Burlap Fall Decoration Thanksgiving Grapevine Interior Designer

Thanksgiving dinner is meant to be enjoyed in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Nothing says welcome like custom lighting designed to set the mood, so it’s time to get creative…..

By placing a strand of lights under a burlap table runner, you create excitement and movement. It will take a little finagling to them arrange them perfectly around your delicious platters of thanksgiving yummiest, but all good things require work. Trust us on this one…. Lighting is everything!

If there was ever an opportunity to personalize thanksgiving dinner, place settings are it.

Each setting can be customized with family china and silverware, perhaps even small family mementos in the center. No two place setting have to be the same.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Grapevine Interior Designer

Layer the China!!!!

The key to layering the china is contrasting similarities, whether it be through color, shapes, or patterns. For example: the white charger in the picture above has an exciting shape, which is then contrasted with a green round plate with a detail pattern that resembles the movement of the charger. A smaller simpler white plate almost creates a interior boarder which is then topped with a small green place with a similar patter to the larger one.

Silverware Fall Decoration Thanksgiving Grapevine Interior Designer

A beauty ribbon can be used to tie together the silverware. This is a great way to pull a bold color from your floral center piece. This is one of our favorite finishing touches, it really brings the tablescape full circle.

Place Settings Name Cards Fall Decoration Thanksgiving Table Setting MOD Interiors

Finally and probably the most customizable features of a successful tablescape is the place cards. There are endless possibilities. Make sure that the theme is coupled with at least one other aspect of your table… but not too matchy matchy. Also have fun when writing someone’s name… try using nicknames or little catch phrases between the family… it’s a great way to get a conversation started or reminisce.

Thank you for the beautiful images and inspiration from our fellow bloggers, coordinators, designers, florist, and others… (Image One – Decor Advisor)(Image Two -Interiors By Kenz)(Image Three – Purple Chocolat Home)(Image Four – Home Stories A to Z)(Image Five – Catch My Party)

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Live beautifully!

Ask MOD: How To Create A Beautiful Fall Centerpiece?

wedding pumpkin gourds tall votives
Hello MOD,
How do I create a beautiful centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         T. Ratcliff

The key to building a beautiful centerpiece for your table this Thanksgiving holiday is to begin with an inspiration.

I like start my designs with 3 basic themes in mind.

 fall tablescape thanksgiving Table centerpiece fall table Tablescapes gourds tall votives

  1. There is the Earthy that primarily uses elements found in nature such as leaves, twigs, and string. It incorporates a lot of the oranges, browns and yellows.

 Traditional fall tablescape thanksgiving Table centerpiece fall table Tablescapes

  1. The second style is Traditional. These types of creations make use of gourdes, candles, and flowers. You will see a wide range of colors infused into these designs.

thanksgiving table decorations metallic


  1. The third look is one of Elegance. This theme tends to be more monochromatic. It’s best to choose the color you like and stick with it in various tones. I personally like to use whites and golds while incorporating crystal and glass into these designs.

Once you have decided on your theme, it’s simply a matter of sourcing the elements for your inspiration.

  • Most often you will find you have the necessary pieces on hand, needing only to supplement them with a few items from your favorite supplier.
  • Also, an important consideration is size. You want to create a centerpiece that is proportional to the dimensions of your table. If it is too large it will overwhelm the table, leaving no room for your table settings.  It becomes lost in the tablescape if it is too small.
  • Be sure to add lots of votive, candle or tea lights throughout.

Another key tip to remember is to keep your centerpiece low as not to obstruct conversation between your guests. The objective to creating a beautiful centerpiece is to have fun. Let it reflect your personality and style.

Most importantly, create it with love. It is something you want your family and friends to enjoy.

I hope this helps you create a fabulous holiday table this year. If you need some inspiration, check out our Fall Décor Board on Pinterest and our How To video on Youtube.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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