MOD INTERIORS | Featured on Inside Business Weekly

MOD INTERIORS  was featured in the August/September 2017 Inside Business Weekly Show.

I was asked to share tips on how to find a boutique designer.  I chose to share the 3 tips that I think will help take the frustration out of the search and help you find the right designer you!

Searching for the right interior designer to suit the client's needs can be challenging, finding an expert that is close by, with flexibility with design style and exceptional expertise can feel like a tough search. Some designers use more of a cookie cutter approach, and one style fits all, which most of the time doesn't work for your individual needs. I'd like to give just a few tips for finding a great interior design company.

Tip one: do they have a great reputation? You want to make sure you read at least five to ten reviews, because it really gives you comfort before you make your decision.

Tip two: do they create a space that is uniquely your own? You want to make sure that the designer really looks into your interests, the places you like to visit, and how you live.

Tip three: are they personable and honest? Will you feel comfortable working with them? You'll feel much better about your decision if you find professionals that are understanding and approachable.

Our expertise is boutique interior design services, and we focus on helping potential clients in creating a space to enrich their own unique lifestyle.

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