Design Trends 2023

Outdated Styles and the Newest Trends to Watch

Outdated Trends 

Interior design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging and older ones fading away. As we enter 2023, there are a few trends that have become outdated and are on their way out. One of these is fast furniture.

Fast furniture refers to cheap, readily available furniture that is often used for a short period of time before breaking or showing signs of wear. This type of furniture is often inexpensive and easy to obtain, but it ultimately ends up in landfills, contributing to environmental waste.

Another trend that is being left behind in 2023 is the use of signs that state the obvious. This refers to signs that are placed in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens that label the room’s function. These signs are not only unnecessary, but they can also be considered tacky and out of place.

All white kitchens have also had their time in the spotlight, but now designers are moving away from this trend and towards more jewel and earth tones, as well as a variety of textures. This is a welcome change, as it adds depth and warmth to kitchens, making them feel more inviting and comfortable.

Lastly, shiplap is a trend that is being phased out in 2023. This refers to a type of wood paneling that has become popular in recent years, but has been overused and is now considered cliché. Like salt, it should be used sparingly and tastefully, or it can spoil the overall aesthetic of a space.

Exciting New Trends

As we move further into the 21st century, interior design trends continue to evolve and change. Here are 7 interior design trends that we predict will be popular in 2023:

BIOPHILIC DESIGN: This trend involves incorporating elements of nature into interior spaces, such as plants, wood, and natural light. Biophilic design promotes wellness and helps to create a connection to the natural world.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of life, and that includes interior design. We expect to see more designers using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, cork, and recycled materials in their projects.

POP OF COLOR: While neutral palettes will always be in style, we expect to see more pops of bold color in interiors. This could be in the form of statement pieces like colorful artwork or furniture, or through the use of brightly colored accents like throw pillows and rugs.

MAXIMALISM: While minimalism has been popular in recent years, we predict that maximalism will make a comeback in 2023. This trend involves layering patterns, textures, and colors to create bold, eclectic spaces.

DIGITAL DETOX: With the increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives, we predict that there will be a shift towards creating more serene, tech-free spaces in homes. This could include designated relaxation areas or even entire rooms designed for disconnecting from screens and devices.

ART DECO REVIVAL: The glamour and sophistication of the art deco style is making a comeback. We expect to see more geometric patterns, metallic finishes, and bold shapes in interiors inspired by this trend.

MIXED MATERIALS: Mixing and layering different materials is a trend that we expect to see more of in 2023. This could include combining wood and metal, or mixing natural materials like stone and marble with modern finishes.

Overall, these trends reflect a desire for connection to nature, sustainability, and a balance between bold and serene spaces. As we continue to adapt to the changing world around us, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve in the coming years.

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