10 Easy Design Resolutions For Your Home

Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful end to 2014 and are exited about the New Year. Today I wanted to talk about New Year Resolutions or “Goals” if you will, for your home.

The problem with New Year resolutions is that many of them are quickly forgotten over the coming months. So I thought, …what if we set some achievable design goals instead? That way, you will improve your home and your lifestyle! There is never a bad time to do some home improvement, and even if all you get are replacement bifold components, you are taking one step closer to completing the house of your dreams!

So here are 10 achievable New Year resolutions/Goals for your home in 2015:

declutter organize New Year Resolutions Home interior designer Colleyville interior designer Grapevine1. De-clutter: This is one of the most beneficial home improvements you can do this year. It is such a shame, but so many lovely homes are spoiled by the sheer amount of clutter littered around the home. This makes living in your home a real chore. So this year, make a firm resolution to de-clutter your home.

curb appeal trees front door New Year Resolutions Home2. Curb appeal: Another area of your home which is often forgotten is the front yard. This is where first impressions count and a simple tidy up can make all the difference. With this being said, it is not just the front garden that should make a good first impression. Any task that improves the appearance of the home should be worth finishing. Whether this means getting in touch with a roofing company to repair the damage on the roof, getting a new front door installed or cleaning the driveway, all these improvements can make a difference to the curb appeal of any house.

Think about using new vibrant plantings, cleaning the driveway, taking a look at free standing carports, updating your outdoor home security cameras and trimming the trees. An external spring clean will definitely improve the curb appeal of your home.

New Year Resolutions Home interior designer Colleyville, interior designer Grapevine, color consultation3. Finish projects: If you have any half-finished projects from last year, then make a list and set aside the time to complete them. For most people, there is nothing more annoying than small jobs that are left unfinished or maintenance issues that just hang about for months on end.

check smoke alarms safety fire New Year Resolution4. Check smoke alarms: This year, put safety first and fit your home with up-to-date smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. If you already have these fitted, make sure to test them on a regular basis and keep your family safe.

color consultation Mod Living

5. Schedule a color consultation: If you want to redecorate this year and freshen up your home, the first step is to schedule a color consultation in your home. Interior designers have an eye and a talent for picking the right colors, which can make all the difference to the feel of your home. It is definitely worthwhile and one of the most inexpensive way to update your home. So, add color consultation to your New Year’s list this year.

window consultation Mod Living6. Window covering consultation: Finding the right covering for all of your windows can sometimes be a big chore. There are so many different types of coverings, styles and colors and if you don’t make the right choice – you have to live with the results for years. It just takes all the pressure off when you have a window covering consultation – especially if you are remodeling your home or you have lived with those awful drapes for too long!

appliances replace refrigerator kitchen stove washer New Year Resolutions7. Replace old appliances: Take a look at all of your appliances and make sure that they are still safe. Many people forget to do this and unfortunately, badly maintained or old appliances are a major cause of house fires. So treat yourself to some new trendy appliances if you feel the need, but make sure your existing ones are safe in your home.

master bedroom bedroom remodel bed mastersuite New Year Resolutions Home interior8. Design a parents retreat: This is a wonderful indulgence if you have the room and the money. Many homes are too small to have an entire wing allocated as a parent’s retreat (without adding an extension). You can put it on your wish list and save up for it. Or start today by hiring a designer for a few hours (minimal investment of a couple hundred dollars) to help put together a cost-effective redesign plan to turn your current bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary, away from the kids. Some designers even offer a Style Session, which is perfect for designing your master retreat.

organize kids room playroom bedroom baskets 9. Reorganize the kid’s bedrooms: Whatever their age, kid’s rooms are rarely tidy. So to make your life easier, check out the different ways you can reorganize their rooms and cupboards so that toys, books and clothes can be hidden away neatly.

wallpaper decorate door closet sconce New Year Resolutions10. Experiment with wallpaper: This is one of the latest trends, so if you are thinking of redecorating this year, give some thought to using wallpaper. It is going to be a hot item all year! You can start with something small, like the back of your china cabinet or a closet door, Great way to introduce color or texture to a room.

What are some design goals you would like to see added to this list? please share in the comments.

If you want to book a color consultation or a window covering consultation or just chat with an experienced interior designer in Colleyville or Grapevine, feel free to call MOD Interiors on 214 404 4000, email us at: design@modinteriorsonline.com or complete our online inquiry form.

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