Small Business

4 Easy Tips to a Productive Home Office

Many employers today are encouraging or requiring people to work from home. if you find yourself working from home whether by choice or due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, understand that the work-from-home lifestyle is very different and will require you changing some habits and putting some things in place to insure you are … Read more

How To Set A Winning New Year Resolution

How To Set A Winning New Year Resolution Happy New Year! This is the time of year when most people are setting “New Year’s Resolutions”, but I must admit I am not really, big on making New year’s resolutions. I try to take time at the end of every year and make a list of … Read more

Redifined Coffee House

MOD Spotlight: Re:Defined Coffee House

I am are excited to share with  one of my favorite places here locally Redefined Coffee House, a fabulous new coffee house not too far from our office here in Colleyville. The coffee there is delicious, the décor is to die for and the people are warm loving and just plain awesome! Situated in the Heart of Grapevine, just north of … Read more


MOD Interiors Voted Tops in Tarrant

MOD Interiors is honored to be voted Society Life Magazine ‘Tops in Tarrant’ 100 Best in Industry ‘Interior Design’ Awards 2015. About ‘Tops in Tarrant Awards’ The ‘Tops in Tarrant’ Awards were selected by the readers of Society Life Magazine. Winning businesses were selected based on their commitment to their clients, their core values and their … Read more

10 habits of people who follow their dreams

10 Habits Of People Who Follow Their Dreams!

I read this wonderful little article last week on the broccolicity website last week and it really made my day about people who follow their dreams. Most interior designers like myself are entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, so  it really spoke to me; enough so, that I copied the ten habits and posted it up on my wall and decided to share it … Read more