Virtual Design Consultation

Our Virtual Design Consultation is a one-hour service, done via Skype to help kick start your personal project or answers your design questions to help you get un-stuck?  We this service we can focus in one room, or we can go through your entire home.

I’ll make suggestions on how to improve your rooms with FURNITURE ARRANGEMENT, COLOR, LIGHTING, AND EDITING your existing accessories and furnishings.  This is a great way to learn how to update the appearance and functionality of your home at a reasonable cost.


  • paint colors
  • furniture arrangement and floor plans
  • art placement
  • ideas for what types and sizes of items to shop for, including furniture, fabrics, rugs, window treatments, accessories, lighting, plants and art


  • don’t want to or need to hire an interior designer to execute the whole project
  • homeowners seeking direction on how to elevate the design of their home or business
  • appreciate good design but are paralyzed to start on their own
  • have some design ideas but want a second opinion before starting
  • are “do-it-yourself” types
  • are planning to entertain
  • need ideas for space planning or materials & finishes for remodel projects
  • want to make their houses more attractive to potential buyers

Note: Virtual appointments we done via Skype. Available for residential or commercial interior design projects.