Interior Design: Improving Lives for Daily Living

Interior design is improving lives through creative problem solving, not just making things pretty, it’s making sure they function well for the people who live in the space.

A friend of mine shared this video with me and she said how it spoke to her about what we do as designers. After watching it I realize she is so right…… this video is true for so many of us who have a dream of doing something, or overcoming something and need a bit of inspiration or innovation to help you realize it. whether its creating the room of your dream, medicine to cure a disease or an apparatus that can help a young child part take in a sport. Often time these are the things that we cannot do for ourselves, but God gives us an idea or an ability to not only sympathize, but to solve that problem for others.

Becoming a designer is that calling for me, I got into business to solve a problem, to help people improve their lives through design. When I create a space for someone that makes them feel better when they walk in it, bring a smile to their face or allows them to function better and save time in their daily routine, feel truly accomplished and blessed to have had the honor of making their lives better.

Un Architecte from DECADE on Vimeo.

I would love to hear what you think about this video?  What do you dream of doing , or overcoming in your life that may require a bit of inspiration or innovation to help you realize it.  Please share I would love to help uplift and support you.

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