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MOD SPOTLIGHT: Self Cleaning Toilets Trending in Bath Design

Self Cleaning Toilets Trending in Bath: TOTO-Neorest 750 Introducing the high-tech paperless toilet, that delivers a clean and dry bum without the need for tissue paper and cleans itself before and after every use. TOTO Japan’s biggest manufacturer of bathroom ‘equipment’, introduced its newest top of the line toilet- The NEOREST 750, in January this … Read more

Interior Design: Improving Lives for Daily Living

Interior design is improving lives through creative problem solving, not just making things pretty, it’s making sure they function well for the people who live in the space. A friend of mine shared this video with me and she said how it spoke to her about what we do as designers. After watching it I … Read more

10 Easy Ways to live green at home

10 Easy Ways To Live Green At Home

Here are my tips for Easy Ways To Live Green At Home. There are lots of easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and be good to the earth. Living green at home does not have to mean sacrificing your sense of style. You can do your part by making some smart Eco-friendly choices that … Read more

decorating with red

Decorating With The Color Red

Hello everyone and welcome, today we are going to talk about decorating with the color red! As an interior designer in Grapevine, I love the color red as it reminds me of our native grapes, our charming wineries and the history of our beautiful city. Red is also the color of love and romance and … Read more

10 resolutions for your home

10 Easy Design Resolutions For Your Home

Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful end to 2014 and are exited about the New Year. Today I wanted to talk about New Year Resolutions or “Goals” if you will, for your home. The problem with New Year resolutions is that many of them are quickly forgotten over the coming months. So I … Read more

box gift wrapped

10 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Christmas Holiday

Hello Friends, I hope all is well. I always like to do something special and different with my gift wrapping , especially for Christmas. I love when I give a gift to someone and they take the time to admirer the wrapping , almost as if they don’t want to open it. My friend recently … Read more

style session gift media

Style Session

In case you have missed the holiday music that has been playing since October… Christmas is around the corner! No really It’s next week!!!  If you are still looking for that perfect gift for someone special look no further, our Style Session package is a one-of-a-kind gift that will keep giving for years to come. … Read more