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Testimonials for MOD Interiors

“Farrha and her team decorated our office for Christmas….They did a fabulous job! She came to our office looked our color scheme and took our very small tree and made it appear to be twice the size. Our plan is to have an even bigger tree next year so it can be even better… We look forward to working with her and her team again next year.” –  D. Sweiter. – Southlake, TX 

“I appreciated how well you listened to our likes and dislikes. We love the paint colors and window treatments that were selected for us. Our house is really begining to look and feel more like a home, I can’t wait to have all the projects completed! Thank you for your great work.” –  Susan C. – Southlake, TX

“Farrha, you did a fantastic job of capturing our style and creating a beautiful home for our family. Working with MOD Interiors was so much fun and I never felt forced to do anything. Thank you for always being aware of our budget and keeping us in it!” –  Billie R. – Hurst, TX – 

“A very talented interior designer. Five Star!! I think that the one word to describe Farrha Hyman’s interiors is self-assured. Her sense of color and texture and space planning that she uses in her interiors is very well planned when she begins a project(s) with her clients. She has been my designer for several years and the current project are drapery treatments. She has done in the past for me room by room projects and I love what she has done because my interiors speak of my personality when you come into my home. Also, when she has several projects in the making with her clients, she makes sure that she covers everything that is on her clients project lists. I think that her design vision is very skilled and very artistic. She uses what her clients already have to show off the full potential of that particular accessory or accessories and I think that is very difficult to do. ” – Nancy L.. – Grapevine, TX

“Seeing is believing! I had a second bedroom that was basically a storage unit.  I couldn’t even envision a functional space past all the boxes and furniture. Thank goodness Farrha saw something. She helped me prioritize, organize, and restored functionality. The room looked so airy and inviting I actually slept in there for two days.  Who would have thought?” – Dina E. – Irving, TX